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2015 RGC HPS Continuing Education Training Sessions and Technical Meeting

2015 RGC HPS Continuing Education Training Sessions and Technical Meeting

The Rio Grande Chapter of the Health Physics Society would like to thank Jeff Whicker & Mark Miller (Environmental Heath Physics) and Elaine Marshall & Steven Farmer (Operational Accelerator Health Physics) for volunteering to conduct our continuing education training sessions on March 22nd! We would also like thank our presenters for during our technical meeting March 23rd!  Those members who were fortunate to attend were treated to some highly entertaining and in depth technical presentations!

Below is a list of the training sessions and technical presentations that were given. You may click on the links below to view the slides from the presentations.

Environmental Health Physics
by Mark Miller and Jeff Whicker

This PEP will be a primer on the specialty area of Environmental Health Physics and Environmental Radiation Protection in the context of background radiation exposure. It will go into the governing guidance documents, such as an overview of DOE 458.1 “Radiation Protection of the Public and the Environment” and tools, including data management ideas used to demonstrate compliance with that order. It will also address protection of biota, something that most health physicists rarely need to consider and the important issue of property release from radiological areas (or areas undergoing remediation, something that affects many of us from time to time). Several “sticky” issues that will be discussed are low dose levels and issues of ALARA for environmental radiological protection, climate change and impacts on radiation protection for public, including the status of the metal recycling moratorium.

Operational Accelerator Health Physics
by Elaine Marshall and Steven Farmer

The Operational Accelerator Health Physics class covers an overview of medium and high energy accelerators, electron accelerator configuration, electron accelerator radiation production, electron accelerator shielding, electron accelerator radioactive material productions, and electron accelerator environmental impacts. The class then begins to focus on proton accelerator configuration, proton accelerator radiation production, accelerator produced isotopes, accelerator interlock systems, general health physics practices at accelerators, general accelerator health physics rules of thumb, high energy radiation physics for the health physicists and useful references. The second half of the class focuses on specific medium and high energy accelerator related design, control and health physics problems.

2015 RGC HPS Technical Meeting

2015 RGC HPS Spring Technical Meeting

Doppelgänger Radionuclides and Mono-Energetic Electrons by Walen Mickey

Radionuclide Sleuthing by Means of Gamma Spectroscopy Analysis by Beth Hanson

An Evaluation of Nearest Neighbor Averaging’s Improvement to the Measurement Sensitivity of Wide-Area Radiological Scanning Instruments by Sean D. Fournier

Calibrated Irradiators at the Radiation Protection Instrument Calibration Laboratory by Kevin Norbash

New Developments in Radiological Scanning Systems by Chuck Farr

Cosmic Radiation & Issues Surrounding Measurement of Ambient Radiation during Operation Tomodachi by Steven E. Rademacher

Insurance and the Standard Nuclear Energy Liability Exclusion by Rick Haaker

An Updated Comprehensive Risk Analysis for Radioisotopes of Concern by Alexandra R. Robinson Sandia National Laboratory, GTRI Program

Beam-On Dose Assessment: A Study of Dose Estimate by Arnika Chidambaram

Pu-239 Organ Specific Dosimetric Model Applied to Non-Human Biota by Matt. Kaspar, M. Johansen, A. Brandl

Personal Protective Equipment, Heat Stress Management & Rad Waste Minimization by UniTech Services by Bert Morales

Thermo Fisher Scientific Update by Denny Cannon

Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation Update by Allan Gonzalez

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