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2012 Health Physics Instrumentation Committee Meeting

2012 Health Physics Instrumentation Committee Meeting

The 2012 Health Physics Instrumentation Committee (HPIC) meeting will take place on the UNM-LA campus September 24, 25, and 26. The last time the HPIC met in New Mexico was in Santa Fe in 1997.  This HPIC meeting will be the largest of all. Check the HPIC website at  WWW.HPICORG.COM for more details.

The Health Physics Instrumentation Committee (HPIC) is a voluntary group who have joined together to share information, documents, procedures, selection, testing, and standardization of Health Physics instruments.

The list of companies and their products are listed here.

Berthold Technologies                       WWW.BERTHOLD.COM
LB-770 and LB-790 Sample Counters, LB 146-2 HFM

Betatron Electronics                      WWW.BETATRONELECTRONICS.COM
Fabrication of detectors and electronic circuit boards

Bladewerx, LLC                   WWW.BLADEWERX.COM
Breathing  Zone Monitors (BZM), Sample Counters, and portable Alpha and Alpha/Beta CAMs, Compact HFM, Gamma and Neutron Shields

Canberra                              WWW.CANBERRA.COM
AS1700/ASM1000/NetCAM and iCAM Alpha and Alpha/Beta CAMS, PCMs and HFMs

Creative Electron                WWW.CREATIVEELECTRON.COM
Smart Radiation Instrumentation

D-Tect Systems                   WWW.DTECTSYSTEMS.COM
Networking, Smart Radiation Instrumentation

DEQ Technical Sales                      WWW.DEQTECH.COM
Manufacturer Reps for; Ludlum, Potean Instruments, Bladewerx

Durridge                               WWW.DURRIDGE.COM
Radon Monitors

Eberline Services Inc                     WWW.EBERLINESYSTEMS.COM
New vented Ion Chamber, Environmental Analysis and Services, Radioactive  Source Calibration

Hopewell Designs Inc                   WWW.HOPEWELLDESIGNS.COM
Gamma and Neutron Sources and Calibration Equipment

Lab Impex Systems                       WWW.LABIMPEX.COM
Alpha/Beta CAMs

Ludlum Measurements Inc         WWW.LUDLUMS.COM
Portable Radiation Survey Instruments, Installed Radiation Detectors, Vehicle Monitors, Sample Counters, HFMs

Mazur Instruments                       WWW.MAZURINSTRUMENTS.COM
Smart Radiation Survey Instruments

Overhoff Technology                    WWW.OVERHOFF.COM
Tritium Monitors

Pajarito Scientific               WWW.PSCNDA.COM
Decommissioning Services

Radiation Instruments Co                 WWW.TECHNICALMEASUREMENTS.COM
Manufactuer Rep for; Bladewerx, DosiTech, ERG, Gamma Products, Lab Impex, Ordela, Overhoff, Phoenix, RPS,  Technical Associates, TSA

Radiation Safety Associates        WWW.RADPRO.COM
Radiation Protection Training

Rotunda Scientific              WWW.ROTUNDASCITECH.COM

Technical Associates                     WWW.TECH-ASSOCIATES.COM
Portable Survey Instruments, Radon Monitors, Tritium Monitors, Water Monitors

Teletrix                                  WWW.TELETRIX.COM
Source-less Radiation Instrument Training

Thermo Fisher                    WWW.THERMOSCIENTIFIC.COM
Portable Radiation Survey Instruments, HFMs, PCMs, Sample Counters

WB Johnson                                   WWW.JRADMETERS.COM

Qal-Tek Associates                        WWW.QALTEK.COM
Portable Radiation Survey Instruments, Calibration Services, Consulting

Wenzel Consults
Radiological Consulting

WirelessWall                       WWW.WIRELESSWALL.COM
Wireless Instrument Networking Systems

There will be a conducted tour of the RP-2 calibration facilities at TA-36 on September 27.

There is no cost to attend this meeting so check the agenda and come listen to the presentations you are interested in, participate in the technical conversations, and talk to the instrument companies about their products.

Check the HPIC website at  WWW.HPICORG.COM for more details.

The full list of attendees that have signed up is on the website along with the agenda and directions to the UNM-LA meeting room.


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