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RGC HPS Membership $15/year

After using the PayPal button below to pay for your 2015 RGC HPS membership, please fill out our application/renewal form and email it to us at

To pay by check, please use the address below:
P.O. Box 51686
Albuquerque, NM 87181-1686.
Please remember to send your application/renewal form with your annual dues.

Automatic Renewals
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Section 1.  Every person who is a Member of the Health Physics Society shall automatically become a Member of the Chapter upon presenting to the Chapter proof of membership in the Health Physics Society followed by payment of chapter dues.

Section 2.  A person who is engaged in a field of endeavor related to Health Physics or whose interests in the profession would make the person a desirable Member of the Chapter may make application for membership.   Election to membership in the Chapter under the provisions of this section of the Bylaws requires the approval of at least four (4) members of the Executive Council. The Executive Council of the Chapter shall serve as the Committee on Admissions and shall be responsible for approving applications for membership involving persons who are not members of the Health Physics Society.

Section 3.  Any member of the Chapter whose dues are unpaid on the day of the spring technical meeting of the calendar year in which dues are specified is not in good standing and shall have no vote.  Membership in the Chapter ceases when the dues of the Member are not paid within one year after they are due.